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As a native of Hampton, GA. my family has called Hampton home for 8 generations. During which time our long line of service to the City of Hampton includes; my grandfather Willie "Billy" Taylor who worked 30 years for the city, to my Uncle's Willie Ralph Taylor who served as the 1st African American Police Officers & Mack Taylor who served in Public Works. It is the love of our community that they all served and I continue to do so for that reason.

I would like the opportunity to serve our community by increasing its value, promoting a community agenda and shining the spotlight on our great heritage. This can be done by “Focusing on Community, Thinking and Planning for our Future and Preserving our History”. I have had the opportunity to serve as a Councilmember with proven leadership and strong principles. Some of the things accomplished during my years of service

*Rewriting of Zoning laws from antiquated spot-based to form-based zoning. (Only councilmember to serve on committee)

*Repurposing of old Fortson Library into the "Catherine Williams       Community Center" the 1st African American Councilmember 
*Redesign of the McBrayer Park with a 5-phase plan
*Reduction of Sewage Surplus Upcharge(lowering your water bill)
*Negotiation of fixed Electrical Rates with CGEMC so NO increase on    Electrical Bill Rates for 7 years. 
*Infrastructure plan for roadway repair
*Established & Implemented of 1st Hampton Youth Council. Partnering with Ambassador in Sneakers to send 2 students to Germany our inception year.
*Mayor Pro-Tem
*The University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute Certificate of Recognition for education in Municipal government

As we look to the future of our great city we must build our future together by: 
Community Focused: Creating a livable community atmosphere by putting the safety of our community first with community policing policies , proper management of water and sewage treatment, robust infrastructure design for plan growth and quality built homes and communities.

Forward Thinking: Plan to thrive not just survive by implementing policies that foster healthy business, attract economic opportunities of high impact, create entrepreneurs’ incubators, connective walking trails, community centers, athletic complex and design and implement “Arts in Unusually Places” that foster conversation and togetherness.

History Preserving: Valuing the rich history that Hampton and its Citizens have left as a living document by creating museums, exhibits, markers and art

Helping to shape the future of our great City would be a honor and privilege as well as HISTORY making. This is why I am ASKING for your VOTE on November 2, 2021. Vote Ann Tarpley for Mayor.

Forever Grateful for your Support
Ann Tarpley

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